Notes: 2010-2013

Notes from notebook, March-May 2010

for chap 3
Having no imagination for anything else on this drizzly day, we went to see a movie, whatever was playing at Cinema Village. The Day of the Jackal, as it happened. It was the most unappealing movie, to judge by the name and poster art. Despite its title, this was not a wildlife documentary, but a kind of spy thriller, and really not too bad. About a tall, handsome bisexual actor who wears tight pants and is hired to kill Charles de Gaulle. Only he doesn’t, he messes up at the end. He only murders the people he sleeps with. A very complicated plot. I would never have gone to see it on my own.
“It looks just like that,” Kem whispered, while the actor was whizzing in his snazzy little sports car through France and Italy.
“The car??”

K&S at L’Hacherie
talking about darryl and shelly
D thinking of becoming a film editor if they go to Hollywood
What’s the point? We wonder. If you’re going into movies you should try to be a movie star. Or at least a director.

men or just homos: they like to stick their prods into strange places. have an obsession with sticking their prods into strange places. Pervert who exposed himself: waving his lunchmeat.



shakespeare said it best
why our young people are being kidnapped
cowboy duke will not be undersold
mission to bijou flats
the orson welles story
a baby’s arm holding an apple
stalking the wild jackson whites
Sacred bubblegum
The last of Missus MuffinCh
A Commitment to Exallence
Hornblower Makes a Value Judgment
Triple Trouble for Gorbles
This Way to the Stake, Miss Arc
Don’t Learn About Art This Way
Educational Television
by Sallie J. Parker

1. Our Shameful Secrets (< 1 pg)
2. The Orson Welles Story (2 pg) Ted tells his joke; to ease into the horror; Dinkelspiel vs Dinkelspiel
3. Sundae at Schraffts (< 10 pp) The horror of Aunt Pudge. First appearance of Carryle and Elly, and Cathleen Whittles.
4. Hoboken Holiday (5 pp) Bye bye to Pudge, Kem’s return. (curtains for mister smerm)
5. Why Young People Turn to Drugs
6. Dewars Profiles (Mead, Coca Coca Grande, Mr Smerm
7. Meet the Chux Baby
8. Stalking the Wild Jackson Whites
9. Sacred Bubblegum (Fred it shoulda had a dawg…people oak dawns…tennessee williams)
10. Shakespeare Said It Best
11. The last of missus muffin (Cathleen has gone up to Newport to make the great gatsby, gobbles and I kill the dog)
12. This way to the stake, Miss Arc
13. Chauncy Street and Bijou Flats (explaining the show’s concept while reading sacred bubblegum)
14. The Rose Cottage (?)
15. Meeting with Cowboy Duke (chrissy and the chux baby peel off but ken and i go back and see CD (yes they do call him CD…all ready on the lights CD), ken is persistent
16. Reunion in Pawtucket (Rufus, no kem)
17.Swamp Girl
18. Why Our Young People Are Being Kidnapped


july 18 2013

4. Curtains for Mister Smerm




TT notes from notebooks


How Stupid Is Doctor Sixties?
Mead + Penn Sta men’s rm. Pervert who looks like Richard Speck. ‘Did he report him to the police?’ I closed my eyes to keep them from popping out of my head.

Pickup on South Street
Homosexual stories have been inundating us in the press the last few years. The main theme is usually how they’re constantly put upon and persecuted, but what they always leave out crucial information, such as as what they’re all about and what they’re getting up to. Here in the dirty city, we all know the score, but out in Lunkersville they don’t. Or if they do, they pretend they don’t, which somehow makes them scarier. Instead of giving us authentic slice-of-gay-life, TV shows and movies usually show them as ersatz heterosexual couples in the suburbs, two humdrum adults of approximately the same age…just like the people in Lunkersville except of course, you know…

For example, “That Certain Summer.” This made-for-TV movie came out a few years ago but it’s such a mind-bogglingly farcical mis-depiction, it’s stil the one everyone talks about. Hal Holbrook and Hope Lange star as a divorced couple who broke up years ago. Hal decided he wanted to be gay, and now lives with his boyfriend, Martin Sheen. Back when Hal and Hope were married, though, they adopted a kid who is now about 14. (We are never exactly told the kid was adopted, but as he’s played by hook-nosed, kinky-haired Scott Jacoby, the director expects us to put two and two together.)
This is all backstory, but it is far more coherent than anything that develops during the drama. The boy comes to visit his father, who is not fully out of the closet, though he lives openly with his boyfriend. Surprise, surprise, the boy guesses the father’s secret, and is very pissed off. The father now admits that he has a “kind of marriage” to the Martin Sheen character. Like most belated confessions, this just makes the whole situation worse. Scott Jacoby runs away to downtown San Francisco.

One of the major differences between boys and girls is that when boys whore around, they almost always do it in groups. Have you noticed this? Even when it’s just suburvan kids doing pin-money hustling they’re always in bunch of them together, being very clubby. Girls tend to be singletons on the other hand. If a 15-yr old girl is diddling it some middle-aged Daddy Warbucks she tends to do it on the qt, eeting the guy in distant hotels and ski lodges, and she doesn’t report back on it to her schoolmates at Spence. Generalizations may be odious bt these are my impressions

A few years back I was working in educational television. It was not a happy time Everything about it was really sordid, so disgusting that I told no one about that sice of my life I did in fact tell my best friend, but she does not count, for reasons that shall become clear.
A few years back I was working in Educational Television This was mostly in an ill-paid, part-time after school sort of way, so if you rememember me back then, ythis is all going to be news to you. It was a long, sordid episode of my life, that became longer and moresordid as time went on, the only person who really know about this side of my life was my best friend and she knew all about it only becanse she was running away from home, so joined the show when we moved up to Boston to make the poilt Kem didn’t stay with the show for long, though; after a couple months she peeled off and joined


Having no imagination for anything else on this drizzly day we went to see a movie, whatever was playing at the Cinema village theater on E 12th. The Day of the Jackal, as it happened. Despite its title, this was not a wildlife documentary but a very entertaining thriller about a tall handsome bisexual actor who is hired to kill Charles de Gaulle..
Hornblower was 30 or so, and had probably used up all his ride tickets, career-wise (you get one or two chances while you’re still young, and that’s it) but I could see he had a lot of ba habits that wer always going to make t difficult for him to get a job like a normal person. One, he never used a map He had no mental picture of where he was. He just wantered this way and that and then after about ten minutes stopped someone to ask directions. Usually this turned out to be a foreigner, just off the boat from Liechtenstein. “Hey there, scoozi, you know where Tweetwe Tea Shoppe is?” And of course Fraulein Ditzworthy wouldn’t knowBut it across the street. The other thing was never being on time

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Curtains for Mister Smerm